Frequently asked questions

What is your style? 

It sounds cliché but my style is your style. I customize each event to the individual client's needs.

Do you bring your own equipment?

All equipment is included at every event and I carry backup gear in case of an emergency.

Is the setup included in the price?

I typically arrive 90 minutes prior to your contracted start time in order to set everything up.

How do I reserve a date?

Each client will be emailed a contract that will include the venue, date, pricing and hours of the event.


Other important information

Travel time/ Accommodations

If your event is more than 50 miles from the Phoenix area, travel charges or accommodations will be added to the base price. 

Music Library

I have more than 50,000 songs readily available and any songs that I don't have will be added at no cost to the client.


I will take requests from the client and guests. If the client does not want the guests to make requests that is never a problem and I will professionally make the guests aware of this if they ask.


I always come to any event in proper wedding/ special event attire. If the event is considered "blacktie/ formal I will make sure to be properly dressed.


I always meet with each client in person, via Zoom/ Facetime, or over the phone to discuss the event in detail.

Emergency Situations

I have an extensive network of local DJ's who are ready to go in the event of an emergency. In 20+ years I have never missed an event but I always have a backup plan in place.